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    *HOW ARE NEUROTRANSMITTERS REMOVED FROM THE BODY* Usually after a neurotransmitter molecule has been recognized by a post-synaptic receptor, it is released back into the synaptic cleft. Once in the synapse, it must be quickly removed or chemically inactivated in order to prevent constant stimulation of the post-synaptic cell and an excessive firing of action potentials. Some neurotransmitters are removed from the synaptic cleft by special transporter proteins on the pre-synaptic membrane. These transporter proteins carry the neurotransmitter back into the pre-synaptic cell, where it isContinue reading “WHAT YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT NEUROTRANSMITTERS”
  • Low back pain, a common issue among individuals.
    Lower back or lumbar region pain is one of the major reasons why individuals visit doctors and in certain moments be absent from work. Low back pain is one of the global causes of disability. The lumbar region (low Back) provides support for the upper body weight and provides mobility for daily motions for example twisting and bending. Muscles in the lumbar region are so vital and perform phenomenal purposes for example rotating and flexing the hips whilst walking and providing endorsement to theContinue reading “Low back pain, a common issue among individuals.”
  • Did you know that cancer is beatable?
    Cancer is a group of over 100 diverse diseases which involves abnormal cell growth with a possibility to penetrate or disseminate to other parts of the body. How it starts: The functional units of life are often called cells. The cells often have the ability to grow and divide to create other new cells required by the body. Often, the cell dies if too old or damaged, which are then substituted by new cells. Cancer starts when genetic alterations interfere with this systematic process.Continue reading “Did you know that cancer is beatable?”
  • How vital is Echinacea?
    The echinacea is a collective name of flowering plants Echinacea which are native to North America. The plant is sometimes called coneflower and it is a supplement which is widely known for aiming on the immune system and assisting to prevent colds. The Echinacea plants was mostly utilized by Native Americans like the plain Indians in treatment of many ailments for example wounds, snake bites, upset stomach, burns sore throat and toothaches. ¬†¬†Almost all parts of the echinacea plants have a medical significance forContinue reading “How vital is Echinacea?”
  • Best health is inevitable
    The more awareness about health the better health lifestyles